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January 20, 2024

The snow is gently falling, coating the trees on the hill. We've recently moved and, unlike the previous relocations over the last decade, this one is different, because it finally feels like home. 

The sparkling sculptures (the "confections") were the first things to be unpacked. It has been almost 2 years since I created a new one, but I've been gathering materials to start up again this year. 

Projects for 2024 include more sculptures, surface design, video, and music. I'm looking forward to seeing how the new environment will affect the direction my work will take. We're in a very quiet location, in a lovely little town. I've spent a lot of time walking in the woods, which brings back many childhood memories. 

Creating atmospheres that are calm, happy, and uplifting has been a constant theme in my life. In 2021, I presented a multimedia installation, "Souvenirs from the Realm of Happiness". The Visual Confections sculptures were in a mobile 8' x 14' pop-up gallery, and provided the experience of being surrounded by the works. In addition, I created a soundtrack for the installation based on nature field recordings and music that I composed and performed.

Since my recent diagnosis as autistic, I’ve become interested in the use of technology as a way to offer an experience of peace and calm that could also assist with communication, focus, and learning.  I intend to share the experience of being among my sculptures and soundscapes in an environment based on my sensory sensitivities and preferences. I'm designing a mixed-reality scenario based on spatial computing that will make the experience more accessible, especially as this technology is constantly developing.


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