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fabric design

Custom-printed fabric and wallpaper designs on Spoonflower.

From The "Miniatures" collection

A click on an image opens in my Spoonflower store. 

Blue Objects filled.tiff

Blue Trinkets

pink double exposure.tiff

Pink Trinkets 

The colorful baubles that make up the Visual Confections can now be seen printed on fabric, tea towels, and wall hangings in this collection.

From The "narrowboats" collection

Toile Test Fill 2.jpeg

Narrowboat Toile, with details from the inland waterways of the UK.

From The "Roses and castles" collection

A reimagining of the traditional

"Roses and Castles" ornamentation

painted on British canal boats (narrowboats). 

Chocolate Prism Swan Wreath.tiff
Wreath swan chromatic .tiff
Double wreath.tiff
Wreath swan neon candy 2.tiff
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