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Chill...heal...peaceful thoughts. The happy little cloud floats with a glittery leaf and a rainbow leaf. 


Hand sewn glass beads with waxed thread.

Glass, plastic, and resin trinkets, beads, and sequins.


Pendant on model is not the actual item. 


Note: Only items named "420" contain cannabis leaf trinkets.


Made in the USA.





Happy 420 Cloud

    • 4” pendant made from marine-grade triple polished 16 gauge vinyl.
    • 25” silicone rubber necklace with sterling silver clasp, handmade and imported from the UK.
    • Care: Wipe with a soft cloth or if needed, a paper towel that has been sprayed with a gentle cleanser.
    • Not tested for chew-ability (human or animal). Adult supervision recommended if given to a child.
    • Do not submerge in water and avoid humidity and direct sunlight.
    • All Sales are Final.
    • $7 US 
    • $15 Canada 
    • $18 UK and Europe
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